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Here at The Fuzz Shack we are certified effects freaks - we build, we modify, we tinker, we miss meals, and we miss sleep, but hit the hay happy with our ears ringing - all in our quest to find the perfect (or  imperfect) noise. Starting out building pedals for fun, we got fed up with paying over the odds for the main constructive components for our pedals - swtiches, boxes, jacks ands enclosures so we thought we'd buy loads, and pass on the savings to our fellow DIY'ers.  The rule of thumb is we don't sell anything we wouldn't use ourselves.






We are also home to the Nine of Swords effects pedal range. Boutique quality pedals that complement the established US brands for a much more agreeable price within the UK.  Don't let our prices fool you - each pedal we send out has been carefully constructed, hand wired, and is checked out for sound and build quality before it leaves Nine of Swords' secret underground lair.

I'm Jonathan, the man behind the Fuzz Shack and Nine of Swords. I love noise and love bands who make lots of it. I've been playing in a variety of unpopular and unfriendly sounding bands since the late 80's/early 90's and currently play guitar/pedals for a local, equally unfriendly and unpopular band, by night. I also build repair and modify pedals, carry out guitar repairs set-ups and installations, and design enclosure artwork.  Oh go on then, you've twisted my arm - here's an ego stroking picture of me posing off at a gig..That's me stage right, either concentrating very hard on my fretting hand (a necessity), limbering up for a fairly significant pedal manouvre, or just noticing my shoelaces aren't tied.



We welcome your feedback on any aspect of our service or products - what parts you need, what you'd like us to sell to you, that kind of stuff - if you'd like to, please do contact us directly at




with any suggestions.