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We've had a lot of positive feedback about our pedals. Whats that? You'd like to see some of it on this website? Oh go on then, you've twisted my arm...

"Received the pedal and very impressed with the quality!

The twin earth will be next on my shopping list. " David, UK


"Really loving the new colouring, an the build quality is fantastic. Thanks again for the great service! " Joseph, UK


"My neighbours hate me" - Mike, UK


"I got the pedal!I am satisfied! The sound is visceral! The guitarist went crazy with pedal! Thanks!"  Paulo, Brazil


"The Tyrant is great.  Gets that heavy darkness that I just can't get otherwise.  I can fuzz and distort but as I make my other pedals bassier, they loose clarity and punch.  The Tyrant takes care of this business." - Charlie, USA


"I'm very taken with the fuzzes,especially the Tyrant(with buckers it's just comical)" - Jon-Tron, UK


" it sounded ******* mint! Total doom scene, even with my Jaguar. Thanks a lot" (edited for those of a sensitive disposition) - Ian , Korea


"Bargain! This fuzz is pure filth! Great for Bass too" - Ben, USA


"excellent pedal, quality sound,nicely made, a bargain at this price !!" - Chris, UK


"THIS SOUNDS F-ING AMAZING FAST SHIPPING I am very pleased" - Max, Brazil


"Got the pedal today and have just been trying it out. Realy like it, sounds great with bass and guitar and I love the way you can hit chaos for a bit of madness! Also get nice overdrive blown speaker sounds on alpha. So thanks for the great service and I will be back! " - Mikee, UK


"ANOTHER WONDERFUL item!!! more GREAT delivery!!! many THANKS!!!" Paul, UK


"Thanks a lot for the great pedals.  Very impressed with delivery time" Adam, UK


"Fast dispatch, awesome pedal! Thanks." - Chris, UK


"my new favorite thing" - Alex, UK


"Best pedal ever! Cheers!" Brad, UK


"excellent-fast,friendly,quality product!!would recommend to anyone" - John , UK


"Great deal. Great service. Seriously OTT fuzz - love it !!!" - Wych-Wood, UK













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